Two poems

Owl Song

out from the gray-green backs of trees,
spreading out as darkness into hillsides—

in silence, the fog—
its longing somewhere to be anchored—

what has traveled nearly
an entire lifetime to reach us.


Last Leaves

At the quiet edges of the forest,
where words keep,
wind stirs
what is left of gold and light.

It is here I begin
to listen.


Sarah Rehfeldt is a recent Pushcart nominee and the author of Somewhere South of Pegasus, a collection of image poems. She lives with her family in Western Washington where she is also an artist and photographer. Her book can be purchased from her photography web pages at:

Editor’s note:

Sarah generously provided the cover image for Clementine Poetry Journal, Volume One, January-June 2015.

You can see the two poems above with their accompanying photographs here and here.

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