The Plant Whisperer

His was a special gift, known only to he
Who watched peers grow and succeed by selfish creed,
While he, powerless, was shaded by plant and tree;
Those beings that never ask for more than they need,
Non-locomotive but thoughtless, mindless, free,
Yet gifting oh! to moving virus endless feed!
Edifying the way of non-hunting heliotropes
And off’ring silent company for ‘saken misanthropes.

Till one day, to further escape those afraid
And full of rhodomontade, serendipity walked him
Down an aisle of silk, where bluebells played
And snowdrops swayed just among the colour green;
A bed which down in their ungrasping love he laid
As pollen-scented air drowsed him to wake or dream,
And the world of finite games, faked, foed, ill,
Fell full from fancy at the voice of a daffodil.
“Become one of us,” said anther, petal, sepal or stem:
Duchess of the vegetable kingdom was the link
To lure him from animal anarchy: “Leave them.”
“Why?” he said, tilting his head. “‘Cause we can’t think.
But we feel everything: wind, warmth, love, phlegm.”
“How do you see?” “We witness,” flower showed with a wink,
“From distances non-egocentric, without touting,
Without sin, and we see not in out, but out in.”

The man hortated had never heard plainer,
So simple the shift to a unicorned orchid—
Decision made for him, a total no-brainer—
Which blossomed omnipotence, sent self into orbit,
And bore the fruit of a famed non-feigner . . .
Days later, a girl found the orchid, watered it,
Watched it, worshipped it—vigilant guard—
But couldn’t remain on the plot seldom starred.
A group found it, too, wanting morbid adventure,
And quarrelled and argued about what to do:
One wanted to take it to a research centre;
One wanted selfies with it, for all to view;
While another got angry and saw magenta,
Crushing the flower beneath his heel—”Adieu!”
. . . When the girl returned, she sank to her knees,
And wept disconsolate in a forgotten breeze.


Oliver Hutton is a UK-qualified solicitor with over FIVE years’ experience of dry shipping litigation. The battle for his signature was ferociously fought. In the end, it was TCI that beat the thousands of other law firms to it, with colleagues describing it as the happiest day of their lives when “Olly” walked through the door to begin his training contract on Tuesday 20th July, 2010. Olly advises on complicated issues too numerous and highbrow to mention here, but the way he provides transcendental solutions to every conceivable legal and commercial problem was described in the Legal 500 as “awesome.”

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