School Friend

She was heroic for tromping on her white dress
in Home Ec class because she’d had to rip out her zipper
too many flipping times (didn’t we all want to scream?).
And yes, once she peed on the floor when a teacher forbade us
to go to the restroom. She had auburn hair, pale skin with chicken pox scars,
the lidded eyes of a Spanish saint, and a droll wit.

She had secrets, and years afterward, I remembered
when her father had looked at me, my skin shrank into my clothes.

Lynne Handy is a member of the St. Charles Writers Group, Chicago Writer’s Association, and Kentucky State Poetry Society. Her work has been published in Memoir Journal, Lark’s Fiction Magazine, Pegasus, and elsewhere. Her short story, “Green Lady,” will be included in Familiar Spirits, an anthology of ghost stories. A retired library director, she lives in northern Illinois, enjoys nature, and writes poems and short stories.

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