Unblocking the Fifth Chakra in a Dream

clogged drain
rusty and dank
my throat grown

I can reach
inside, pull out
dead-blonde hair
in clumps, caught

pencils and flapping,
back-bent books, then
the red ribbons
float up, luminous

against clotted
dark, rippling
through what blocked
the way

all that crap
that wouldn’t go down
no matter how many times
I swallowed

Erin Redfern’s poetry has previously appeared in Zyzzyva, Red Wheelbarrow, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and The Hamilton Stone Review, and is forthcoming in Compose, Scapegoat Review, and Blinders Journal. She has taught literature and writing at Northwestern University and in the California Bay Area. She led an introduction to poetry series for seniors at the Campbell Community Center and a found poem tutorial with Poetry Center San Jose. In early March she served as poetry judge for the San Francisco Unified School District’s annual Arts Festival, and in 2015 she’ll serve as secretary on the board of Poetry Center San Jose and assistant editor for its print publication, Caesura.

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