Wasting Sea Stars

Tide pool consciousness means you don’t know
about bacteria, viruses, or coal-fired plants
making sea water acidic.

Instead, you focus on gathering
succulent mussels for a dinner
written in your genetic code.

You crawl, mate, leave offspring,
protect your territory
under ledges of barnacled rocks.

And when stars begin to drop around you,
your arms melt and unhinge,
you merely move along as you always have.

Scott T. Starbuck‘s Industrial Oz, a 90-page activist poetry book, is forthcoming from Fomite Press. His “Manifesto from Poet on a Dying Planet” in Split Rock Review notes, “At the same time big oil companies are acidifying Earth’s rising oceans, drying up rivers in China, Africa, India, and the American Southwest, melting Antarctic glaciers, causing global increases in hurricanes, storms, and typhoons leaving thousands dead or homeless, creating huge oil spills, and causing a massive increase in extinction of animals and plants, people . . . are mind-locked by the wealthy and their political puppets’ 24/7 distraction machine.”



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