Sisters Are Hard to Love

and together they burden the silence
with private giggles. We are meat
and cheese people. They are cotton

candy. In our circle they fishline each
other and hold on tight; bobbin and ball
aloft, we dangle. Sisters are hard

to love and they know it but won’t
share their shining bracelets with us.
The sky is pink and they wear calico

dresses rimmed with lace. We sit in
the grass, drink wine and talk about
mosquito repellent. They quiver the sunrise

gelatin. Sisters are hard to love. When the end
of the night looms and we consider
washing wineglasses and picking

up napkins, they huddle in close like begonias.

Erin Renee Wahl’s work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Sterling, Literary Juice, Blackmail Press, Spiral Orb, Cirque, and others. She lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, and teaches at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.




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