a heron knew
the pond had turned
to marsh, somehow, silently

as a reed standing spindly
i spied her, stiff against the wind
no song to stir her concentrated poise

with neck outstretched
i could not see the fish she saw
and in a flash, there was a reed once more

and as i paused
to make this pose eternal,
she circled in a blue-gray cloud

and elegantly was
no more


Denise Segal Umans grew up in South Africa and now lives in the Boston area. She is a speech-language therapist and linguist and has worked in the areas of language/literacy development and language/learning difficulties for over 30 years. More recently, she has focused on teaching English as a second language as well as consulting on projects in applied linguistics. She has published and co-published articles in professional journals as well as in general-interest magazines. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Quarterly and The Avocet.






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