Love Apple

You offer me a tomato, still warm
from afternoon sun where it hung
globe-heavy, a vibrant splash
of lipstick red against the vine.

The summer I turned nine, my mother
gave me a tomato. My childish
taste buds revolted—oh, slippery glob, oh
odious mucilaginous lump, I gagged.

Now, I hold it for a moment, relish
its seductive plumpness, the smooth
new-car gloss of skin, inhale
earthy saltiness.

The encyclopedia in my fourth-grade
classroom informed me the tomato
was once thought poisonous,
a fact I didn’t doubt.

I take the knife and slice through soft flesh,
crafting two heart-shaped halves,
revealing tiny seeds and light
jelly pulp, smiling

to remember my surprise
that the Church christened it the devil’s fruit
Eve may have tempted Adam with a harlot
red tomato, rather than the apple!—

But this summer, I bite greedily.
Zesty flavors meld on my tongue, a juicy rhapsody
of spicy and sweet.  For adults only, I say,
offering you the other heart-shaped half.


Kim Zach is a high school English instructor and has also taught composition at a local community college. She has written articles for a variety of magazines such as Woman’s World, Great Expeditions, American Secondary Education, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) and Farm & Ranch Living.  She has also published three YA non-fiction books and a play.  Her poem “Weeding My Garden” is scheduled to appear in the spring 2015 issue of U.S. 1 Worksheets.


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