(for Sharon)

We knew nothing, the pair of us
in that moment of teenaged joy,
speeding up onto Tukey’s Bridge
in the blue Mustang—vintage ’65,
just like us—the car your father rebuilt
for your birthday present.
Windows down, we belted out
“Brown Sugar,” doing our best
Mick Jagger, which wasn’t very good.
Over the bridge, Back Bay glittered
in the sinking sun, the skyline beyond golden—
the only metropolis either of us knew.
We owned it all: this evening,
this speed, this song, this big city
in this big wide world.
Wind in our hair, we didn’t recognize
that sunset for what it was:
and isn’t that what sixteen is about,
speeding along the highway
in the car of our deep blue summers?


Anne Britting Oleson has been published widely on four continents. She earned her MFA at the Stonecoast program of USM. She has published two chapbooks, The Church of St. Materiana (2007) and The Beauty of It (2010). A third chapbook, Planes and Trains and Automobiles, is forthcoming from Portent Press (UK), and a novel, The Book of the Mandolin Player, is forthcoming from B Ink Publishing–both in 2015.

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