Has science gone too far this time?

Look, broken down into segments
This apparatus looks less menacing,
Simpler, and almost approachable.

Don’t be afraid of it. One day–
One day it will be used for porn and cat visualizations.

More powerful and more capable than ever–
Better porn, better cats.
This is not the death ray you were looking for.

You are only afraid because it was made by someone just like you,
And she is a proud woman.
Her watering can is made of steel
And is used exclusively for the undead orchids
Left by not just one, but two–no, three, plastic men.
She’s nursing the orchids back to life
Because it’s the right thing to do. You can’t help but respect that
And therefore, respect this machine.

Don’t be afraid of it.
She could have killed those flowers with her bare hands had she chosen to.


Jenya Doudareva likes precision, which is why she is both a poet and an engineer. Her poems have appeared in Vending Machine Press. Additionally, she has published a paper on algorithms for safe irradiation of brain tumours. Jenya works in healthcare and is an editor for Weird Canada, a blog that celebrates DIY and grassroots Canadian art.

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