Cezanne Still Life

Pears and apples dominate
spilling from a heavy plate.
Nicked and scarred
a butter knife languishes
like last year’s model
her mirrored finish hatched and stippled.
Drapes, white in past lives
backdrop for the ratty table
symbol of quotidian time.
Wheels of gruyere strangely absent
skulls usurp their places
grin among the lemons
lick their bony lips.


Sandra Anfang is a lifelong poet who writes daily. She hosts Rivertown Poets, a monthly series, and is a California Poet-Teacher in the schools. Sandra has published four collections of poetry. Her poems have appeared in many journals including The Shine Journal, Poetalk, San Francisco Peace and Hope, West Trestle Review, The Tower Journal, Mothers Always Write, and Unbroken Journal. In 2014 she won two contests, including a First Place award in the Maggi Meyer 35th Annual Poetry Contest. Sandra is inspired by the natural world and the common threads that bind us together.

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