April 2015

Sandra Anfang, “Cezanne Still Life

Travis Poling, “The Drone

Yu-Han Chao, “Welcome to the Circus Linnaeus Freak Show

Melody Mack, “Carry Me

Steve Klepetar, “She Said

William Doreski, “Three Doors

M.J. Iuppa, “Gray Sea, Gray Ship, Floating

Corey Mesler, “Selective Service

Matthew Ulland, “Our Gang

Robert S. King, “A Waterfall Whispers the Way

Thomas Zimmerman, “Dogwalk

Anne Britting Oleson, “Sixteen

Jenya Doudareva, “Has science gone too far this time?

James Croal Jackson, “R+X

Laura Winkelspecht, “Historical Marker

Lynne Handy, “Melange



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