About Clementine

Visit our new site at Clementine (Unbound).

Read our 2015 poems under Archives.

You can buy our two print issues here:

Clementine Poetry Journal, Volume One (January through June 2015)

Clementine Poetry Journal, Volume Two (July through December 2015)

These two issues are also available for viewing at Issuu.com:

Volume One

Volume Two

(Unfortunately, Issuu converted the entire text to italics.)



Our Pushcart Prize nominations for 2015 are:

The PUSHCART PRIZE: BEST OF THE SMALL PRESSES is an award-winning series since 1976 that honors literature and poetry published in small presses during the year.

Congratulations to the nominees!

Clementine Poetry Journal is a poetry journal edited and published by G.F. Boyer. We publish a selection of poems online at the beginning of each month.

Check out the print issue and our current online issue to see the poems we’ve published. We’re drawn to well-crafted poems that are attentive to language and music, whether formal, free verse, prose poem, or experimental. Starting in January 2016, we’ll be publishing online only at Clementine (Unbound).

G.F. Boyer earned an MFA from the University of Washington. She teaches and critiques creative writing (poetry and fiction) and is a freelance editor of fiction and creative nonfiction. For more information, visit www.gfboyer.com or email her:  gfboyer at outlook dot com.


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